Monday, August 21, 2017

Getting older
Too be truthful, I'm not so much getting older as simply old.  Of good health and sound mind (not quite but close enough), my challenge is to find something to do that is meaningful or at least time consuming ( I have too much of it)  I have done all the stuff  required to be among those who have had a fulfilling  and rich life, and as well I have volunteered for various worthwhile causes.  
      And yet the fact remains - I don't know what to do with myself.  I go to bed early because the day has been too long, and I want to get up early because I'm bored with lying in bed.  No I'm not complaining simply presenting the current state of affairs in my contented but bored old age.  And now I'm ready for the solution.
      In some way it is in finding a more profound way to love – myself, my wife, my friends, all whom I meet during the day.  (visit and then read the first story in

And you? How are you handling getting older? Don't tell me your busier now that you were when you were working or something to that effect.  How is your life really?

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