Monday, April 3, 2017

Things that I sense are possible in my future.

One thing that I realize in my future, maybe closer than I think, is my own death.  I have  a lung condition that I have been gone to some length to know very little about; however I can feel that it is limiting my energy and doesn't augur well for the future. Although after some medical examinations I seem to be good for any number of years.  This does not preclude the certainty of my death.  Being in the blessed state of self proclaimed senility I chose to ignore the all to current fears of my generation: dementia, stroke, diapered existence in an old people's home.   Instead I imagine the death I would like to achieve.  I am hoping to make space -- physical, psychic room, to allow my life to play itself all the way out -- so that rather than just getting out of the way, aging and dying can become a process of crescendo through to the end.
More to come. What about you? any thoughts about your 'big event'?

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