Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On the next to last day of the year, I read for the third time, His Dark Material, by Philip Pullman, a young person's fantasy novel, that to me is a sophisticated thesis on the theology of Dust, the symbol in my mind of love energy.  Pullman's trilogy adds new meaning to the Biblical phrase: "From dust we came and to dust we will return."   Methinks the reference is to star dust?  And over Christmas watched yet again one of my favorite Yuletide movies, The Family Man, starring Nicolas Cage.  For me the movie explores the interplay between the world we find ourselves in and the reality that we imagine.  I'm always struck by how the energy of the imagined flows into our lives and if we let the whole process unfold it changes us beyond what we ever thought possible.  And you?
Any books or movies struck you??

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  1. Books that I have loved reading this year and found very moving are Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed (he also wrote The Kite Runner) and Canadian Miriam Toews’ touching and funny All My Puny Sorrows. Right now I am reading a book highly recommended by Austin “The Pilgrim” Repath, and rightly so: All the Light We Cannot See.

    I have seen some wonderful movies this fall, including Spotlight (about journalists seeking the truth, as if their lives depended on it) and Room (about holding onto love and hope in the midst of fear and loss), both very powerful films. I also enjoyed Brooklyn and, less so, Bridge of Spies. The most recent film I have seen is The Danish Girl. This film has excellent acting, beautiful art direction and cinematography, and a very contemporary theme of the intermingling of who we present to the world, and who we really are. The leading character gave up literally everything to be true to herself. Who among us would have such courage?