Tuesday, February 2, 2016

As Pablo Neruda tells us, "Poetry is spontaneous utterance of pure nonsense, pure wisdom."  For me this begs the question, what is the desire/dream/wish in your life that is pure nonsense, pure wisdom?
       This, dare you speak it, is the poetry of your life. And that is the daring that I see is required in life.  
       For me it is incapsulated in Nickos Kazantzakis' story of the old Greek who lived high in the mountains. Each morning before sunrise he could go out and call up the sun. Anyone can see the nonsense of the Greek's illusion, but who has the ability to see the wisdom hidden in the nonsense? That is the vision that Kazantzakis demands of us.
        Then to have the courage to bring a similar "poetry" into one's life. To find that which the rational mind cannot fathom - this is the key to life itself.
       I have claimed mine, my grand illusion as others might see it, but I am okay with that. And perhaps for that reason I hold it as a cherished secret.  I let it infuse my life with purpose, meaning and dignity. And thus has my life been changed forever. And you?

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